Due to the ever growing amount of legislation in this area, VAT has become one of the most detailed and complicated areas of accountancy. With random VAT inspections becoming ever popular with HM Revenue & Customs it is essential to make sure that all your VAT workings are accurate and well documented. The use of a member of our highly trained staff to review your VAT workings each quarter would more than likely be beneficial to the business. This would give you peace of mind that your business has not misinterpreted any of the grey areas that exist within VAT legislation, and by running an eye over your books we can confirm that you are not paying too much over the HM Revenue & Customs each quarter. We can of course remove the onus altogether by completing the VAT returns for you and do the bookkeeping throughout the year.

In addition, we can help you to register for VAT and advise which scheme would best suit your business. For example, the flat rate scheme can largely reduce the amount of administration required by you. Other common VAT schemes include the cash accounting and annual accounting schemes.

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