Administering your own payroll can be a time consuming process in addition to the annual licence fees incurred by owning a payroll program. The vast amount of legislation can also make payroll a very complicated area for your business indeed. In particular, the monthly CIS returns and the reporting of your payroll in real time can be an unwanted burden on business owners who want to spend their time concentrating on the core activities of the business.

We currently operate a separate payroll department which has the necessary experience and expertise to administer all your payroll whether you have just a few employees on a monthly payroll or require a weekly payroll for in excess of 20 staff members. Some of our main services are a follows:

  • Producing customised payslips
  • Producing CIS remittance advice slips (a legal requirement by you if engaging subcontractors)
  • Submission of monthly CIS returns
  • Submission of Real Time Information returns and P11D forms
  • Advising of PAYE/NIC/CIS tax due each month
  • Administering bonuses, redundancy pay and pension schemes
  • .

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